Welcome! MyEasyPics.com has been one of the top-ranked image hosting services since 2003, providing many users with an easy solution for everything from eBay photo galleries to embedded photos and galleries in their own websites and more.

Over the years technology has changed rapidly, and ultimately our software model grew outdated, and so we’ve switched our focus to helping you find the best image hosting and website hosting options to meet your needs as a modern-day web user.

One image hosting service we highly recommend is SmugMug – and again, it’s not just for photographers. They also have a very easy upload system and of course provide “copy & paste” links to embed your images into any site or page you wish. They also offer much more than just photo storage and sharing. Lots of great features and a free trial to test them all out!

We’ll be adding more recommendations on this page soon.

Feel free to contact us for guidance and we’ll help you get set up with the best hosting for your specific purposes!