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Getting Phone Support
While most image hosts do not provide a phone number, we realize that sometimes a phone call can be a huge help. We provide phone support using a callback system. When you dial-in and leave a message...
Why are some of my images renamed?
The server will re-name your images if one of the following applies: - You already have a file with the same name uploaded to your account. (A safety measure to prevent you from over-writing existi...
Multiple galleries in a single auction listing or page?
We have been asked before if it is possible to insert more than one gallery into a single auction listing or web page. Yes, it is possible, but not without manually changing some of the code in the...
Can I create sub-folders in my folders?
Our system does not allow for the creation of sub-folders (in other words, you cannot create a folder inside a folder in your image manager). However, you can have an unlimited number of top-level ...

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