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Why is my subscription payment failing?
I'm receiving email notices from PayPal that my subscription payment is failing, but why? And how do I fix it? Solution &
Accidental cancellations, reactivating subscriptions.
Dont worry! We will not de-activate your images right away, we will attempt to contact you first. PROBLEM: Accidental Subscription Cancellation EASY SOLUTION: What to do if you subscription is acc...
Exceeded bandwidth - getting your pics back online.
If you exceed your bandwidth limit for the current billing month your images become temporarily disabled. The solution to this is upgrade to the next higher plan. To Upgrade or Downgrade your curre...
Cancelling your subscription.
You can easily cancel your subscription with the following steps: 1. Log in to your MEP account and click the ACCOUNT/PREFERENCES button. 2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the U...
Upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan.
To Upgrade or Downgrade your current plan follow these quick easy steps: 1. LOG INTO YOUR MEP ACCOUNT   2. CLICK THE UPGRADE BUTTON (even though you might be downgrading)   3. CHOOSE ...
Changing the password or email on your account.
1. Log in to your MEP account with your current existing email / password combination. 2. Click the ACCOUNT/PREFERENCES button in the right-side menu. Now: TO CHANGE PASSWORD - Ente...

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