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How many pictures can I store in my account?
The number of photos you can store depends on two things: A) The hosting plan you are subscribed to. B) Your filesizes and how many kilobytes (KB) your images are. If you optimize your photos w...
Desktop resolutions and Image dimensions
Your desktop screen resolution is the number of pixels your screen displays from left to right and top to bottom. Everything you see on you computer screen is made up of a series of dots, known as ...
Does MEP comply with eBay policies and rules?
MEP is 100% compliant and acceptable within their policy, we guarantee it. eBay has a feature that "auto-detects" when you've placed links to other sites within your auction, and sinc...
Understanding disk space and filesize.
Simply put, disk space is the amount of storage space you get for your image files in your MEP account. Note that most people only require a small fraction of the amount of disk space offered in o...
Understanding Bandwidth
Bandwidth is much easier to understand than most people think, and if you take 5 minutes to read this you will have a good grasp of the concept. What is bandwidth? Simply put, bandwidth&nbs...

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