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Slow upload or download speeds.

There are two basic things that affect your speed, and fortunately there is help for both (see links at bottom of this article):

- Filesize of your photos - most common culprit!
A common issue when users work with photos from their own digital camera is that the images are usually quite massive in filesize, due to todays higher resoltuion megapixel cameras. A good reasonable filesize for a single photo is under 100kb, preferably around 50kb, whereas photos straight off of a digital camera are uncompressed and can be 300kb to 2000kb or higher! Again, optimizing your photos by resizing and/or compressing them before you upload will fix this issue for you.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FREE PHOTO OPTIMIZER SOFTWARE  - That link will take you to our page that includes the link to download the software and links to a couple of quick videos that demonstrate how to use it.

- Type of connection you are on.
This is usually not an issue for users on broadband connections like cable or DSL. If you are on a dialup connection, chances are your connection provider isn't giving you much speed. A dialup user attempting to upload 15 pics that are large in filesize will naturally encounter extended transfer times. Since dialup is inheritantly slow to begin with, it's important that you optimize your images and compress the filesize before you upload them, and upload fewer images at a time.

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