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File Upload Errors and Issues


1. Odd Characters and Spaces in Filenames - In the world of web servers, the inclusion of non-alphanumeric characters can cause a file upload to fail. For example - spaces, apostrophes, quotation marks, # signs, and other odd characters are a particular issue. A file name like shoe's #12.jpg will not work, but renaming the file to shoes12.jpg before uploading it will work. There are plenty of batch-renamer programs out there, contact us for a recommended one.

2. Upload of extremely large files that have not been resized before uploading. A good web-friendly filesize range would be under 200kb each, but MEP will accept files up to 1mb each. Extremely large file weights (such as over 2mb) will fail to upload. Click here for the easy solution!

3. Captions With Odd Characters - If you added captions to your images the text must only contain alpha-numeric characters (letters and numbers). Symbols like apostrophes, commas, and quotation marks can prevent the image from loading properly.

Other, less common reasons:

Wrong Format - Sometimes users unwittingly attempt to upload file types that are not actual .jpg / .gif / .png fies. If you attempt to upload an un-supported format, such as .tif or .bmp then the upload will fail as these are not standard web formats.

Connection Stability - Occasionally Dial-Up users on low-budget providers have connections that are easily interrupted during file transfers. A connection fluctuation during the upload process can cause files to upload incomplete or improperly. Typically broadband / hi-speed users do not have this issue.

Image Software Compatibility - We have discovered that in some rare cases, certain image editing programs save files in a non-standard proprietary format which prevents them from displaying. So far the only image editing software that we have witnessed this with are products from the company ULEAD. If you use Ulead Photo Impact to save your images then you may encounter issues. We have long ago contacted Ulead directly regarding this issue and they have never responded.

If you feel that your issue is something else just Contact Us For Help and we will assist you as best we can.

It is important to understand that when a problem appears to be on the user-end (eg: the service is working properly for all other users except you), then there will be a limit as to how much help we can provide for free.

Rest assured, we will ALWAYS make our best effort to help you.

But if something goes beyond the standard scope of free support we do offer paid consulting and training services at

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