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Multiple galleries in a single auction listing or page?

We have been asked before if it is possible to insert more than one gallery into a single auction listing or web page.

Yes, it is possible, but not without manually changing some of the code in the second (third, fourth, etc...) galleries.

This is because of the nature of how javascript works, and our Gallery feature uses javascript.


Let's say you want to have 2 Galleries in a single auction or page.

The first gallery you would simply copy and paste like usual.

In the second gallery you will need to change all instances of imgswitch to imgswitch2, large.src to large2.src and NAME="large" to NAME="large2".

(And to add a third, you would follow suit by changing all the instance above to 3's, as you might expect).

NOTE: This does NOT apply to Portfolios / the Portfolio feature - you can easily place more than one Portfolio in a listing or web page without having to manually modify any code.

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