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Why is my subscription payment failing?

I'm receiving email notices from PayPal that my subscription payment is failing, but why? And how do I fix it?
Don't worry, this is quick and easy to fix!
Unfortunately PayPal does not make it obvious to you that there is a separate section in your PayPal account where subscription funding sources need to be updated (a different section than your main funding sources area).
FORTUNATELY we have helped so many subscribers with this that we can tell you the easy way to fix the issue right here! :-)

The two most common possible reasons that subscription payments will start failing:

- The funding source (or BACKUP funding source) on your PayPal account recently expired or changed and you didn't update it in the AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS section of your PayPal PROFILE

- You have recently changed other personal information from within your PayPal account

What you can do to resolve payment failure issues:
Since PayPal will not allow us to act on your behalf at all, you will need to take direct action yourself. Here are the simple steps to stop your payment failing / prevent accidental cancellation:


1. Log inyour PayPal account and click the PROFILE link to view your PROFILE SUMMARY.

2. Click the MY MONEY SECTION and look at the bottom of it for the AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS section and click the UPDATE link.

3. Look for your MyEasyPics Subscription and click it. In there CORRECT / UPDATE YOUR FUNDING SOURCES ON THE ACTUAL SUBSCRIPTION.

That should resolve the issue for you!

What to do if you subscription is accidentally cancelled:
If your third billing attempt fails and PayPal automatically cancels your subscription, they will send you a final email notice and you'll need to contact us within 24 hours to prevent termination of the account.

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