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Preparing your photos for upload.

The two most important parts of preparing your images for upload:

1. Make sure your images are optimized for web use by resizing them before you upload. Pics directly from your digital camera are usually far too large / heavy for practical use on web pages. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FREE SOFTWARE that will let you easily resize / optimize your images for fast web purposes. (There is also a video tutorial on that page which may help you greatly).

2. A key to keeping your images organized and in the order you want them (as well as avoiding upload problems) is to rename the files with a unique prefix and no odd characters or spaces.

Example: shoe00001.jpg , shoe00002.jpg , shoe00003.jpg ....

Renaming files one at a time is a major hassle.

Fortunately there is free software that will let you rename large groups of files all in one click!

You may have heard us mention it before - FastStone Photo Resizer! This program can be used for MUCH more than just resizing images. It also has a "BATCH RENAME" function, and you don't have to resize your images to use it.


The steps are pretty intuitive, but here they are in a nutshell:

1. Download and install the software

2. Open the software and choose the "BATCH RENAME" tab

3. Navigate to the folder full of images you want to rename, and click the ADD ALL button

4. In the "Rename As" box, enter your prefix, such as "shoe" and leave the 5 ##### signs.

(I also like to tell it to make the filename all lower case)

5. Click the Start button to execute the rename operation

This will quickly go through and rename all your files and give them a numbered order that web servers will recognize.

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