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Understanding Bandwidth

Bandwidth is much easier to understand than most people think, and if you take 5 minutes to read this you will have a good grasp of the concept.

What is bandwidth?

Simply put, bandwidth is a measure of data transfer. In the case of your MEP account it's really quite simple, so here's an example with nice even numbers to help you understand!

Let's say you have a photo that is 1mb in filesize in your MEP account.

Now let's say you put that photo link in an auction, and the auction get's viewed 1000 times. 

That would load the 1mb image 1000 times, and thus transfer 1000mb of bandwidth.

There, the concept is fairly simple. But 1MB is too big for a single photo on the web...

NOTE: Normally your photo should NOT be 1mb, THAT'S HUGE! Most people compress their photo files down to around 50kb to 100kb, a fraction of a megabyte. With "normal average" sized photos like that you can literally get thousands and thousands of image views per month out of even our smaller plans. If your photo filesizes are huge, you can easily compress them using the free software - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FREE PHOTO RESIZER SOFTWARE that will make it easy for you to resize your images for the web!

Now for some more details and tips about bandwidth usage on your MEP account...

About bandwidth limits.
All hosting companies have to pay for their bandwidth and it is usually measured in "gigabytes". A gigabyte is approximately 1000mb (megabytes). Some companies will claim to offer "unlimited bandwidth" at a very small price, but beware - many of those services are overloaded, unreliable, and slow. We go the honest route, and set a bandwidth limit based on the level of account you choose. Our limits are very generous and accurately reflect how much bandwidth we can easily offer you for a certain price and still remain profitable / fast. We have customers who do over 50 auctions a month even on our Bronze plan!

How does my bandwidth renew on MEP?
You get a set amount of bandwidth allotted to your account to use for the month, and on your billing date each meonth it "renews" and is set back to zero.

What if I get close to my limit and still have a long before it renews?
No problem, just upgrade to the next plan before you run out for the month. (You can easily downgrade to a lower plan any time as well).

How do I know the status of my bandwidth?
In the lower-right corner of every page of your MEP account there is status box that show you:
- How much bandwidth you've used so far for the month.
- How much bandwidth your plan allows for the month.
- How many days until your bandwidth renews and sets back to zero.

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