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Understanding disk space and filesize.

Simply put, disk space is the amount of storage space you get for your image files in your MEP account.

Note that most people only require a small fraction of the amount of disk space offered in our plans. You can easily fit over 1000 pictures even on our smallest Budget Plan if you files are under 200kb each in size!

How much disk space you'll use depends on the number of files you have and their size. 

How do I know what the filesize of a photo is?
When you have image files on your hard drive, your computer will tell you what the filesize is. An easy way to see this is to browse to the folder on your hard drive where your files are, and look at the detailed view of the files. You can also right-click on a file to view it's "properties" which will also tell you the filesize.

How are filesize and disk space measured?
Kilobytes (kb), megabytes (mb), and gigabytes (gb) are the common units of measure. Pictures are usually in kilobytes. Here's an easy chart to help you understand better:

1,000kb = approximately 1mb
1,000mb = approximately 1gb

So if your average picture filesize was around 100kb you could fit about 10 photos into 1mb of disk space. As you can see, you can literally fit thousands of pictures on even our smallest hosting plans!
My picture filesizes are huge, like over 600kb! Why? Can I fix that?
Yes you can fix that! Today's digital cameras take higher resolution pictures, so when you copy a file from your camera to your hard drive the filesizes are likely to be overly large. You can quickly & easily compress these filesizes down with free photo resizer software, without any real noticeable loss of image quality. Resizing/compressing your images before you upload them to MEP will make them upload AND download much faster (and of course use less disk space)! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FREE PHOTO RESIZER SOFTWARE that will make it easy for you to resize your images for the web.

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