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How to get the best results from this HelpDesk!

This HelpDesk is designed to be easy to use and gives you a direct line of communication with our tech support / billing departments, as well as our FAQ and tutorials.

Two of the most helpful features (aside from email and phone support) are the FAQ KnowledgeBase articles and the Video Tutorials. Almost any question you might have is likely already addressed in those areas.

However, sometimes you just need good old-fashioned help from a real live person! In those situations you have the following options:

Email Support - Submitting an email support ticket is fast and easy, and we respond within 24 hours (usually much faster). Just click the Email Support button at the top of this page. Remember to include as many details as possible in your ticket regarding your issue. If you don't receive an email notification of our response to your ticket within 24 hours then check you junk/spam folder because we definitely reply.

Phone Support - When you have an urgent or complicated issue it is best to call us (in addition to submitting an email ticket) in order to receive a faster response. We use a callback system, so please click here for details regarding phone support use.

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