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How many pictures can I store in my account?

The number of photos you can store depends on two things:

A) The hosting plan you are subscribed to.
B) Your filesizes and how many kilobytes (KB) your images are.

If you optimize your photos well you can fit about 1,000 photos per every 100mb of space. (That's with optimized images that are around 100kb each).

Today's digital cameras make pics typically between 600kb to 3000kb. These overly large images use a LOT more disk space (and bandwidth) than images that have been resized before uploading.

Using free software to resize / optimize pics BEFORE you upload them can easily turn a 3000kb file size into a 100kb file size, without losing any real noticeable quality on a web page.

Click to for easy FREE image resizer / optimizer software that will help you prepare your pics for a better web experience and ultimately allow you to fit a LOT more images in your account

The other advantage of optimizing your pics before you upload them is speed - check out

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