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Accidental cancellations, reactivating subscriptions.

PROBLEM: Accidental Subscription Cancellation

What to do if you subscription is accidentally cancelled:

If your third billing attempt fails and PayPal automatically cancels your subscription, they will send you an email notice (to the Primary email address on your PayPal account) and you would need to contact us within 24 hours to reactivate your subscription so that your hosting account is not suspended/deactivated.

We have a fail-safe we have in place so that your image hosting account will remain active for 24 hours after the cancellation, in case it was accidental.

REMEMBER - It's always a good idea to CALL us in addition to emailing support, this will get you faster assistance.

Common Reasons for Unexpected Accidental Cancellations
If you recently changed the funding source on your PayPal account (EXAMPLES: updated credited expiration, changed banks, etc...) but you didn't go into your PayPal PROFILE SUMMARY and update it in your AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS or PAY LIST, it can cause accidental cancellation. This is a security feature of PayPal, put in place to protect you, although it can kind of be inconvenient. If you're payment is failing click here to see the easy way to fix that and prevent it from accidental cancel.

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