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Why it is important prep your images.

It is important to optimize your photos for web use before you upload them to your web pages, auctions, and image hosting service. It may sound like something complicated to do, but it's actually very simple and there is free software available to do it for you.

Optimizing your images makes them:

  • Upload faster.
  • Download faster.
  • Use less disk space.
  • Use less bandwidth.
When you take a photo with your digital camera, the file is usually very large; both in DIMENSIONS and in FILESIZE (or "weight", which is the amount of disk space it uses). You can reduce one or both aspects of your images quickly and easily by downloading and using the free software discussed in the link below.

Click these links below to get started in quickly/easily optimizing you pics:

- Download and Use Free Photo Resizer Image Editing Software

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