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How to Upload your Pictures.

Uploading to MEP is very easy!

Here are the basic steps:

1. Log in to your MyEasyPics account and create some folders to upload photos to (only use letters or numbers for folder names, no special characters). In order to take advantage of our Auction Image Gallery and Portfolio features, we strongly recommend creating a separate folder for each item for sale.

2. Click the UPLOAD IMAGES button (right-side menu) and then use the drop-down menu under the words "Select a folder to upload your images to" to choose where to upload the pics.

3. Use the BROWSE buttons to select pictures from your computer and then click the START UPLOADING button at the bottom of the page.

The server will tell you when the upload is complete, and then you can instantly create galleries and more with your pics!

NOTE BEFORE YOU UPLOAD - Make sure that your file sizes are not huge! Files directly from digital cameras tend to be excessively large (typically 800kb to 9,000kb) and need to be re-sized and/or optimized before you upload them. A good file size limit for auction images is under 300kb (80kb to 200kb is considered optimal) because you have some users with slow connections viewing your auctions. For general purposes, anything over 500kb is considered excessive. Just to give you an idea, it takes the average dialup user 14 seconds to download/view just one 100kb image! Click here for free software to optimize/resize your pics before uploading.


- (Auction Sellers) Creating a separate folder for each item for sale will make it easy to stay organized and create multi-image galleries for each specific item you're selling.

- (Everyone) Keeping the number of images you store in a single folder to a reasonable limit (say under 100) will help you load the pages of your account faster. You wouldn't want to have just one or two folders with hundreds of images in each one.

- (Everyone) Prepping your images with photo resizer software before you upload them will drastically increase your Upload/Download speeds. Learn about FREE software in the Preparing Your Photos for Upload section.

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